A recent local story brings some of this to light.

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Just before Thanksgiving, three Tabor Correctional (TCI) officers found themselves in a similar position to their charges. Investigators with the Tabor City Police Department (TCPD), in conjunction with the NC State Bureau of Investigation (SBI), are investigating what appears to be two separate incidents. On November 12, 2021, an inmate…

When the prison system became about money, services stopped serving the population.

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Remaining in communication with friends and loved ones is something most of us take for granted. For those who are incarcerated, it becomes the only lifeline they have to the outside world in a lot of cases. But it’s expensive and prohibitively so for a lot of the prison population…

You don’t have to like the source to understand how bad the situation is.

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Ghislaine Maxwell, like so many people who’ve been arrested for heinous crimes, has already been tried and convicted in the court of the media. While everything she’s charged with is awful, I won’t argue that, supposedly, she’s innocent until proven guilty. Regardless of her alleged crimes, at this point in…

Damian Delune

Currently incarcerated. Words are mine, Demeter Delune pens them. I write about what prison is really like and the effect it has on families

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