When you open your mind outside of the bedroom, the pleasure you get once there is eye-opening.

Conversation about what goes on in the bedroom is not something I came into my marriage knowing how to do. Sure, I would engage in a little dirty talk here and there when having sex, but actually sitting down, outside the bedroom, wasn’t something I was used to doing. It seemed that sex was supposed to happen in bed (or wherever) and that was that. Yes, there was conversation ahead of time involving consent (do you want to have sex?) …

I made the choice to be unfaithful, so it’s up to me to put in the work toward healing.

Hi, I’m Damian, and I cheated on my wife, more than once. Don’t worry, my wife already knows. It’s been years since I made what could have been a relationship killing mistake, but that doesn’t mean I don’t still deal with the fallout.

I was always the type of person who felt like I should be able to have my cake and eat it too. A misogynistic asshole who didn’t consider how my actions affected others until confronted with them. And even then, I usually walked away and didn’t look back, never learning the lesson I should have.

When I…

Let me be an example to you all of what not to do.

When I first met the woman who would become my wife, I wooed her, intensely. I don’t mean I spent a lot of money (though I probably would have, had I been able), more that I endeavored to make the time I had with her worthwhile and significant. I left her little love notes on her night table, in marker on the mirror of the bathroom, and picked wild roses to give her whenever I saw them.

Does this sound familiar to you? It might, as I feel a lot of men go to these levels of showing their partner…

Being open and honest with your partner can be difficult when you have a secret.

I’m one of the lucky ones. My wife has got to be one of the most understanding people on the planet. We’ve been together almost six years, and throughout that time, there’s been nothing I couldn’t tell her, eventually. I won’t lie, I’ve kept my fair share of secrets. But the biggest one, I was even keeping from myself.

Growing up in the South, surrounded by bigots (most of whom I swear I’m related to), isn’t the optimal place to discover you’re bisexual; Especially when you’re a man. …

Who I am and what my plans are, updated January 20, 2021


My name is Damian Delune and I’m married to sex writer and educator, Demeter deLune. I know, I’m a lucky guy! I’m not the prolific storyteller my wife is, but I promise to do my best. I’ve been coming up with stories in my head most of my life. It’s always been a way for me to escape whatever is going on in the world.

I wanted to begin telling my own stories. My wife began writing here a bit over a year ago, regaling folks with her…

Damian Delune

Husband of Demeter Delune-Native American-Sex Positive-He/Him-Contact damiandelune@gmail.com

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