Prison Video Visits Are The Only Time I See My Wife, And They’re Cancelled

Just because I’m paranoid doesn’t mean people aren’t screwing with me.

Damian Delune


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My favorite day of the week is Thursday.

Seems like an odd day to look forward to, but it’s my favorite day for a reason. For the last almost two years, it’s been the day I get to lay eyes on my beautiful wife, Demeter. Not in person, sadly, but through the wonders of technology. Since she lives six hours away, one way, we haven’t been able to have an in-person visit since I’ve been locked up. So we take advantage of (now) weekly video visits.

When I arrived at this camp, due to COVID restrictions, video visits were relegated to once every 30 days and only 15 minutes. Now, we are supposed to have a visit every week and the time has been increased to 30 minutes.

That is when they actually happen.

A month ago, we were under full lockdown due to someone on our block testing positive for COVID-19, but Demeter and I had a video visit scheduled. I was concerned this would mean our visit wouldn’t happen, so Demeter sent a message to our contact to find out if the visit was canceled. She was assured that so far, no word had come down about video visits being canceled, and that she would let her know if anything changed.

Our visit time came and went, Demeter was logged in waiting, and the visit never connected and I was never called down to visitation. I pressed my button as I was instructed to do, and no one ever answered.

Later, she was informed that for whatever reason, since I was the only person with a visit scheduled for that day, there must have been a miscommunication in the control booth, and no one knew that I was supposed to be taken to visitation. Apparently, that meant no one in the administration knew either because they never turned on the computer for Demeter on their end. Our contact was working at another facility that day, so she wasn’t there to facilitate things.

The following week, we were supposed to get extra time to try to make up for the mistake. That didn’t happen. They were late bringing me down to visitation, so our visit didn’t start on time and the officer who was in the room ended our…



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