Why Do Inmates in Prison Despise Sex Offenders So Much?

It’s probably not why you think at all — here’s my unpopular opinion.

Damian Delune


Photo by Erika Fletcher on Unsplash

One thing you’ll see fairly consistently all over the internet and in movies and television about prison is how much inmates hate child molesters and sex offenders. Why seems pretty straightforward as well, but I have a hot take on it that’s probably going to be fairly unpopular — but hear me out, as it really starts to make sense if you pay attention.

You need some back story to fully understand where I’m going with this. Day in and day out, I stand in line, waiting for my turn to get on the phone so I can talk to my wife. While I’m in line, I hear a lot of different conversations. I’ve recounted a few of these, but not all.

Over the last few days, NCAA Gymnastics has been on television while we’ve been in the day room. You can ask Demeter if you think I’m exaggerating. You would think I was standing in the middle of a fucking strip club while I’m trying to talk to her on the phone. Clapping, whistling, cat-calling and more has been going on during the day while we’ve tried to have a conversation. No, these men aren’t impressed by the floor work these talented young women are doing.

They’re standing as close as humanly possible to the screens trying to see if they can catch a glimpse of vulva, more cleavage, a hint more of ass crack. All the hollering and cat-calling is due to tight clothing and lithe bodies, not their talent.

And this isn’t the first sign of misogyny I’ve witnessed on our block. There’s a case manager who is particularly blessed in the butt department who, whenever she comes on the block, damn near every one of these guys breaks their neck trying to get a better spot to watch her walk up and down the steps. They don’t just stare, they also cat-call her, ‘suggesting’ she wear tighter pants, or leggings, or even suggesting she wear skirts/dresses without panties.

They have zero shame.

Do these sound like men who are protective over women?

I’ve heard these same men laugh and joke about attending parties when they were on the outside, either doing a lot of drugs and/or providing drugs…



Damian Delune

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